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Our Combined Duck Dinner & 125th Anniversary Celebration on 11/15/19 Was a Big Success

More than 240 Cal Beta Alumni attended the combined Duck Dinner and 125th Anniversary Celebration at the International House on 11/15/19. As far as we know, it was the largest Duck Dinner in our 125-year history. The 60 Actives ate at the Chapter House at 2722 Bancroft as we sold every available seat at the I-House. We had cocktails and BBQ sliders from 4-6 PM at the Chapter House which concluded with a 15-minute set by the Cal Straw Hat Band.

Click on the link below to view all the photos taken by Greg Beltan '76 at both the Chapter House and the I-House.

Click Here for Photos

And click on the link below to see the opening 2-minute video we shot of Paul Manolis '49 to welcome all the Attendees and Actives. Paul was also able to make a brief appearance to a well-deserved standing ovation:

Click Here for Video

Enjoy a quick video tour of 2722 Bancroft:

Click Here for Video

Last, but not least, click below for the 16-page 125th Anniversary Booklet that every Attendee received:

Click Here for Booklet

125th Anniversary Plaque

Each donor and attendee will have his name engraved on a 125th Anniversary commemorative plaque to be permanently hung in the quad at 2722 Bancroft.

Our original goal for the thirty-month campaign through 6/30/21 was 300 donors (about 25% of all Cal Beta living alumni) and $60,000 of donations.

As of 7/30/21 we have crushed this goal and are currently at 501 donors and over $100,000 of donations. We are now shooting for 500+ Cal Beta Brothers on the final plaque.

We have extended the giving deadline until 7/31/21 and will plan to unveil the plaque on Homecoming Saturday 10/2/21.

Click on the link below to see the most recent list of donors / attendees listed by Pledge Year and by Last Name.

Click Here for Updated List by Pledge Year

Click Here for Updated List by Last Name

SAE Cal Beta LinkedIn Group

We are always looking to add new members to our LinkedIn Group, currently at 315 members. Click on the link below to access the group:

Click Here for LinkedIn Group Page

SAE Cal Beta Was Re-Recognized Fall 2017 / Current Update

ICYMI, we were re-recognized by both SAE National and UC Berkeley (following a two-year suspension) effective with the fall 2017 semester.

As of the start of the spring 2021 semester, we had over 60 active members, all 40 rooms in the house were leased, and the Housing Corporations is operating with a small annual surplus. We have invested over $1,000,000 in our beloved chapter house over the last ten years and it has never looked better. Our mortgage balance has been reduced to about $820,000 and is being paid off at the rate of approx. $3,000 per month. Our current interest rate is 4.5%. The mortgage will be refinanced later this year at an even lower rate.

Our Albums page is updated through spring 2021. Click Here to access it. Continuing thanks to Greg Beltran ’76 for his time and effort as Cal Beta’s Chief Photographer, to John Williams '71 for managing the Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as this website, and to Jeff Koblick '73 for managing day-to-day activities with the Housing Corp and Chapter.

Phi Alpha. Go Bears.


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