Upstairs Hallway Tile Project Needs Your Support

As you may be aware, we have invested over $1 million in renovations and improvements to the SAE House since 2003.  The next major improvement project is to tile the upstairs hallway with ceramic, Mexican-style tiles.  In the summer of ’09 we tiled the downstairs hallway with similar tiles and they are working out great.

Not only do these ceramic tiles improve the overall look of the house consistent with its architecture, they will save us money in the long term as we will not have to re-carpet the hallway every three to five years. And as you can imagine, they are much easier to clean.

Over winter break ’09 we completed tiling one of the four upstairs hallway as well as one of the showers, and we need your support to finish the project.

Based on the cost of the previous tile work, we estimate the upstairs project will cost another $12,000.  We plan to hang an engraved plaque at the top of the front stairs to give recognition to all of you who contribute.  Please write “Tile Project” on your check if you would like your donation to go towards this project.

You also have the ability to make your contributions online using PayPal or your credit card. Just Click Here to go to our Donate page and designate your gift to the Building Fund.

Please Contact Us if you would like any further information about this project.  Thank you in advance for helping us make Cal Beta the premier fraternity on the Berkeley campus.