Dan Ternan Elected to ASUC

Congratulations to Dan Ternan ’09 who was recently elected to the ASUC Senate. Dan will be starting his junior year in the fall and has previously held various positions in the chapter: Assistant House Manager, Assistant Pledge Educator, Recruitment Chair, & Social Chair. Dan has stated that he is looking forward to representing the Greek Community and ran on a few key platforms:

1) Greek Communication Initiative – In order to foster a cooperative and understanding relationship between the Greek Community and our police forces, I plan to create opportunities for increased dialogue and communication. I will do this by hosting forums, police appreciation dinners, and other events which are conducive to open communication.

2) South Side Safety Platform – As a concerned member of the south side community, I plan on improving safety on the south side of campus and beyond. Improving lighting conditions, increasing the frequency of the late night AC Transit schedule, and identifying problem areas are the first steps in creating a safer Cal experience.

3) Promoting Business Partnerships – In order to promote and sustain local business development and foster a sense of solidarity in the Berkeley community, I plan to develop partnerships between local businesses and our larger student organizations. Through these partnerships, we can offer students an affordable alternative meal plan.