Cal Beta Founder’s Pin Presented to Chapter

Shirley Phelps Price, a vibrant 94 year old Piedmont woman and daughter of a Cal Beta founder recently approached Bob Leslie ’51 to inform him that she was in possession of her father’s large brass SAE pin.

On Monday the 13th Bob Leslie and Paul Manolis drove Shirley to the Chapter House to present them with the pin. Paul brought with him a photo of the founders to show the actives which included her father.

Shirley told the actives some of the stories that her dad had passed down to her about his days as a SAE, including putting a cow in the Campanile. Shirley was a Kappa Alpha Theta in the 1930’s so she had some comments about the SAE’s during her time at Cal. Recently she was handed the baton and led the band at a Cal football game.

When she was done, the 45 actives gathered around her and sang “violets”. Then one of the actives got on his knees and presented her with a red rose. It was a greatly enjoyed event for all those who attended and we are very grateful to Mrs. Price for her care of this excellent piece of Cal Beta history.

More photos from the event are available here, compliments of Greg Beltran.